Career Growth

    Promotions are discretionary and are based on overall performance. Furthermore, those aspiring towards managerial roles also need to show considerable leadership traits and should excel at all their respective duties at the Analyst level.    
    Our priorities are always heavily weighted internally. We would rather promote someone who we have molded to the levels and standards required to cater to North American clients than hire someone externally. Secondly, and most importantly, our focus is loyalty. Presently on a global scale, values such as ethics, loyalty, honesty, and transparency have taken a back seat to profits and speed of development; and therefore, have become a rare commodity. We like to reward individuals who display these traits because it acts as a foundation to our corporate culture.    
Grow with us
    Please note that no one will receive any sort of preferential treatment. This is not to be confused with privileges and responsibilities as a result of good performance. We hold everyone to the same strict standards when deciding whether someone deserves a promotion or not.